SIDE EFFECTS are good????

Who says that side effects are bad, especially when the effects are in the likes of:-

Ready to change your life for the better??? Read on..


Then look no further. After years of research and experimentation and meeting thousands of people from all walks of life "AKSHAY CHOPRA" decided to design a program which acts as a one stop solution for all the health and fitness problems for an individual.

AKSHAY believes that a single point program doesn't work for everyone. Though the basics remain the same but there are numerous variations which are required in terms of program design for each individual because it is not only the needs of an individual which vary but also because each one is a unique creation in their own selves.

There are number of differences which are to be considered for an individual before a program can be designed for someone to embark on the journey for a better lifestyle:

  1. Physical characteristics
  2. Mental makeup and thought processes
  3. Genetic differences
  4. Personal preferences and likings
  5. Medical conditions
  6. Lifestyle variations
  7. Environmental and social differences
  8. Aims and goals

Download the Genesis program guide from here.