About Akshay Chopra

AKSHAY CHOPRA is a graduate of the prestigious “National Defence Academy” and the “Air Force Academy”. He was commissioned in the IAF as a pilot and has been the captain of IAF “Best Physique” team.

He is presently the most certified fitness professional in India with a number of major international certifications and a range of continuing education certifications.

Akshay has one of the richest experiences in the field of sports and fitness in the country and is among the few people to have a background of competitive athletics, military training and bodybuilding.

He has trained and gained experience under the most experienced coaches in the country in the likes of Mr. Syopad Singh (several times national high jump champion), Mr. Prasad Kumar (over 15 times Mr. India and a bodybuilding legend), Dr. Dhananjay More etc.

He has a rich on hands experience of various modes of training

A lifestyle transformation expert and an author he has helped various people achieve their dream bodies. He is known for taking over those cases on which most gyms and trainers have given up. He is known for his creativity, reliability and ability to boost the confidence of his clients not through false hopes but through visible results. His primary aim has been to educate his clients and give them the truth on every step they take towards a healthy lifestyle.

He launched his website www.akshaychopra.org with the aim of creating total fitness solutions for people who want a complete change in their lifestyle. He provides free online consultation through his website to hundreds of individuals around the globe.

He is also the brain behind India’s first and only online life changing program called “GENESIS” – THE 90 DAYS BODY TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM. This is a revolutionary research based program with time tested methods for a complete change in lifestyle designed as per each individual’s requirement personally by Akshay.

He has won various medals in the field of athletics and bodybuilding. He is twice gold medallist in Mr. Gujarat state bodybuilding competition and twice silver medallist in the all India Inter Services Competition.

He has written a range of articles on various subjects on his website. He also gives monthly articles in the magazines like "B-Positive and Complete Wellbeing and STAYFIT, KRUNCH Today, Food and Health and Women’s Era and websites like health.india.com and onlymyhealth.com.

Akshay has just released his book “WHY MY MOM NEVER WENT ON A DIET” available on all major websites. His second book (THE 1/7 DETOX SYSTEM) is set to release this year.

He has conducted a number of lectures and workshops in various schools, Air Force stations, Army Units etc around the country and helped thousands of individuals and their families.

He has the following certifications under his belt